“Clarity” Diary #3: Rush and rewrite

Header image from Pixabay

Some updates in the land of Clarity:

The accomplishments

  • A while back I had a huge writing spree, and ended up writing and posting both Chapter 4 AND Chapter 5 to Scribophile in one day! They obviously need to be edited because I rushed through them, but I’m proud that I made some serious progress on this work, and now we’re getting into some really juicy romance.
  • When I finished Chapter 5, I immediately wanted to dive into writing Chapter 6, though I stopped myself. I’ll elaborate on my reasons in the section below, but I feel an enormous creative rush to get this story down as quickly as possible. I think that’s a good sign!
  • I did a major rewrite of Chapter 1, which is both an accomplishment (I did the lion’s share of the work today) and a complicating factor. I’ll elaborate on the complications below, but I’m feeling pretty good about the rewrite.
  • This isn’t strictly Clarity-related, but I’ve been journaling more. I’ve been neglecting it lately, but I’m finding a lot of joy in just getting words onto a page at lightning speed. It cleared up a lot of creative blocks.
  • After all this time sinking into this work, I am still so excited about working on it when I sit down to write it. Though I’m always excited in general about writing (it’s one of the few things I can really fall into and do for hours without taking a break), there’s a spark here that usually goes out when I work on a project for this long. Knock on wood that it doesn’t go away!

The complicated

  • I rewrote Chapter 1 to take into account the great feedback I’ve been getting on Scribophile. There have been many critiques on how the first person past tense style I’ve been using puts too much distance between the reader and the story, so I rewrote it in the present tense. While I’m happy with the rewrite, and I think I did a pretty good job for having done it so quickly, it does complicate things a little bit. Do I now write the rest of the story in the present tense? Do I edit the other four chapters to match? And underneath all of this, do I even think that the present tense is what I want to go with? I’m in a bit of a holding pattern as I wait for more critiques, but it puts me in a bit of a bind.
  • Along this same vein, I have to put this project on a bit of a pause as I contemplate these questions. Much of what I’ve started to write for Chapter 6 will get scrapped, though I’m not really bothered by this. I’ve had so many scenes written and tossed for the chapters I’ve written so far that I no longer feel too much anxiety over killing my darlings. I keep those bits around anyway, in a handy document called “Clarity – Scraps” in case they become useful.

So this is the state of Clarity right now. If you’re on Scribophile, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the story, especially on the rewrite. You do have to have a Scribophile account in order to view the chapters, but it’s free to sign up. Plus, if you’re a writer looking to improve, it’s a great site to get feedback on your work.


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