“Clarity” Diary #4: Catching Up

Header image from Pixabay

April was a bit of a blur, and it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on how this WIP is going. For the most part, I haven’t actually been making much forward progress on this, but rather have been focusing most of my efforts on re-writing the first five chapters to be in first person present tense, since the rewrite of the first chapter went so well.

In general, I think that the present tense works better than the past tense. I think that I had started writing the story the way I did because 1) the original short story was written in first person past tense, and 2) I was being a little aspirational and mostly wrote in the point of view because I wanted to capture a Gatsby-esque feel of being in the first person past tense. I see now that it doesn’t quite work, and I’m finding the rewritten chapters much more satisfying.

But I did post Chapter 6 today, and I have the next few chapters planned, even if I don’t have them strictly outlined. Hopefully with the rewrites done I can focus more on moving the story forward. Whether or not I’ll complete the first draft by the end of the month is an entirely different story…

So this is the state of Clarity right now. If you’re on Scribophile, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the story. You do have to have a Scribophile account in order to view the chapters, but it’s free to sign up. Plus, if you’re a writer looking to improve, it’s a great site to get feedback on your work.


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