Anxiety diary #1: The first step (Medium)

Tonight’s sleep deprivation-fueled whim: I’ve published my first post on Medium:

Anxiety diary #1: The first step

(It seems that I’m fond of internet diaries, considering that the series of blog posts about my current fiction WIP are called the “Clarity” diaries.)

I won’t say much more about it here, other than gently encourage you to go read it and give it some love if you find it interesting. Here’s an excerpt:

For me, anxiety starts in my chest.

I have trouble breathing, or else I feel like I can’t take breaths deep enough to get oxygen to my brain. I feel like crying, but there’s something stopping me, and all the water pressure that’s building up blocks my throat. Most days, when I feel the weight start to crush me, I can still stand up and power through it, put my best face forward and make it past the squeeze point.

Today was one of those days I didn’t stand up. I didn’t quite power through it.

Read the full piece on Medium.