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Ann Marie Casanova is the latest woman in the Casanova family to live with the Curse, an affliction that means she cannot move her legs unless she’s within range of another human being. But no one ever believed that her Curse was real, and she dealt with the taunts and skepticism by making it a rule to shut people out. She quickly figured out how to live independently and fend for herself, and aside from the dead zone of her one-bedroom New York City apartment, she could forget she was Cursed most of the time.

After graduating from college, Ann started working for William Bard, a young but successful lawyer who hired her on as his assistant as he made a switch to the nonprofit world. She’d learned to suppress her feelings for her boss, but his earnest care for her threw her personal rules into disarray. Then there’s Isaac, her upstairs neighbor who had unwittingly helped make her apartment a livable space by being a consistent warm body within range so that Ann could finally use her legs at home. And Isaac understands what it’s like to be Cursed, as he has a Curse of his own that he’s struggling to live around.

Current stage | Completing the first draft

Goal | Finish first draft by May 2017

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